Portable Transformer

For transportable electric heating by induction in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 200 kHz, see more details for further information on the Jackson Portable Transformer.

For Transportable Electric Heating by Induction specify a JACKSON Portable Transformer.

JACKSON Portable Transformers are customized to meet customer requirements and are available in various ratings and ratios to match the appropriate load. All designs are optimized utilizing our exclusive computer programs to ensure the highest quality product.

The idea of bringing the power to the job is very exciting as forging, hardening, soldering, brazing, and curing can be performed in a very efficient and expedient manner.

The transformers can be adapted to portable handheld applications, mounted on a fixed position, or can be placed on a robot arm.

The JACKSON Portable Transformer is available in a coaxial or toroidal design.

The JACKSON Portable Transformer has a fixed ratio and is available from 200 to 1000 volts, 10 kHz to 200 kHz, up to 400 kVA, and comes in cable lengths up to 200 feet.

The rectangular style portable transformer is particularly suited for higher power requirements. They offer a lower leakage and higher efficiency over the toroidal portable transformer.

The toroidal style portable transformer is lighter than the rectangular design and is normally used for lower power requirements.

Both styles are available in “T” handle and Pistol Grip handle.

All JACKSON Portable Transformer designs are water-cooled through the power input cables, therefore, eliminating the need for extra hoses.

The work coils are easily and quickly mounted to the output of the transformer utilizing the 4 studs.

For a high quality customized Portable Transformer – Specify a JACKSON!

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