Variable Impedance Transformer (VIT®)

When you require a transformer that you need the ability to change and control its impedance choose our VIT®. The Jackson VIT® is a patented method of controlling power to a load. See more details for further information on the Jackson VIT®.

The JACKSON VIT® is a patented method of controlling power to a load.

JACKSON Variable Impedance Transformers are customized to meet customer requirements and are available in various ratings. All designs are optimized utilizing our exclusive computer programs to ensure the highest quality product.

Utilizing integrated magnetics to provide stepless power to electric furnaces, load banks, plating power supplies, etc.

The JACKSON VIT® is a current controlled device that requires minute signals to control large amounts of power.

Unlike SCR controlled power supplies, it can operate with large unbalanced loads or with an open circuit per phase.

The JACKSON VIT® can withstand short circuits for prolonged periods of time without incurring any component failure.

All JACKSON VIT®’s are encapsulated for reliability and dependability and are available in dry or water-cooled.

Primary taps are provided for line correction and load voltage adjustment.

Available in single, 3 to 2, or three phase, from a few Hz to 200 kHz, from a few volts to 2000 volts.

For a high quality customized VIT® – Specify a JACKSON .


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