KHZ Transformer

For frequencies of 10 kHz and above, see more details for further information on the Jackson KHZ Transformer.

For frequencies of 10 kHz and above, specify a JACKSON KHZ Transformer.

JACKSON KHZ Transformers are customized to meet customer requirements and are available in various ratings to match the appropriate load.
All designs are optimized utilizing our exclusive computer programs to ensure the highest quality product.

The JACKSON KHZ Transformer is the standard in the induction heating industry, and is a proven quality product with hundreds of designs and thousands of units operating throughout the world since 1975.

Available from 50 to 3000 volts, 10 kHz to 2000 kHz to over 4000 kVA.

JACKSON KHZ Transformers are available in either open or encapsulated designs.

The water-cooled copper windings utilize a unique interleaved construction allowing for a compact and efficient transformer.

The cores are manufactured using special ferrites that have very low core loss, low exciting current, and lower costs than high performance steels.

Tap changing is made easy with the JACKSON uniquely designed swing link tap changing arrangement, side buss, or straight terminals.

Input and output connections can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Available in Metric or Standard U.S. Threads.

For a high quality customized KHZ Transformer- Specify a JACKSON .

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